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@thor, @Stefano Bonicatti, @farfella I think I located the error Stefano referenced with the shutdown refactor. It was possible to notify the condition variable used by the main thread before the main thread started waiting. An example includes starting a service thread that quickly fails (for some reason or another) that then calls requestShutdown. I changed the code such that the CV uses a predicate and a quick/early request for shutdown makes that predicate hold.
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Nice to see a flurry of activity. Hope you’re holding up okay
I wonder if this is his vacation now. :D
TBH when I was on paternity leave I had a bunch of time that I needed projects for. Infants sleep a lot, often on lap.
But I wouldn’t assume that for anyone other that myseklf. I think it’s really key to have the time to figure out how the family thing works, and to help heal and recover from birth
Ok-- one single comment on this PR. I think that bool value being read ought to be
. I haven't attempted to test and run the executable, however.