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🏗️ New commits pushed to Fleet: - eashaw: Add optional line breaks to heading text (#2876) - chiiph: Issue 2868 ignore admin reset password sso (#2877) - zwass: Add multiple users for SSO testing (#2885) - chiiph: List policies for hosts even if they don't have stats (#2865) - chiiph: Add host count to software API (#2879) - noahtalerman: Add missing changes from the 4.5.0 release to changelog (#2891) - noahtalerman: In API docs, update description for
GET /software
parameters (#2870) - gillespi314: Add endpoint for management of team enroll secrets (#2849) - gillespi314: Add login shell information to host users table (#2854) - chiiph: Add update invite API (#2837) - lukeheath: Handle Team Admin removing self from team (#2886) - lukeheath: Fix team admin and team maintainer team settings display (#2897) - mikermcneil: Update customer-first.md (#2900) - eashaw: Remove html comments from code blocks on fleetdm.com/docs (#2899) - lucasmrod: Return all scheduled queries and their stats on the host fetch API (#2855) - noahtalerman: Update documentation for
API routes (#2892) - RachelElysia: Homepage UI: Add host total count and host status count (#2894) - martavis: fixed padding (#2893) - gillespi314: Add tab-based UI to host details page (#2878) - lukeheath: More room for software names and keep tooltips visible (#2867) - gillespi314: Update API docs for host.users.shell - edwardsb: snowflake & splunk logging destination documentation (#2889) - gillespi314: Fix empty state of policies table (#2905) - noahtalerman: Fix broken link in "Osquery logs" documentation (#2906) - gillespi314: Add query author avatar; format last modified time (#2898) - zwass: Prepare for 4.5.1 release (#2913) - eashaw: add vercel bot to list of bots and maintainers, update slack notification con... - mna: Add explanation output to fleetctl package (#2864) - mna: Create errors with ctxerr, add the call to store them in redis (#2786) - mna: Remove deprecated app_configs table (#2884) - mna: Add tests for hosts dynamic where clause (#2882) - mna: Add team_id to host summary when filtered for a specific team (#2869) - RachelElysia: Schedules Page: Remove teams call on schedules for Fleet free (#2843) Read more: https://github.com/fleetdm/fleet/commits/main