Update: I migrated to my v4.3.1 complex this morni...
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Update: I migrated to my v4.3.1 complex this morning, and it has been running smoothly all day. The DB performance is SO much better. It's so much improved that I was able to switch our RDS deployment to smaller instance sizes. VERY happy with it so far 😁
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Well that is great news! We've got much more coming in the way of database optimization.
awesome! it would be very interesting to hear how the infrastructure needs change (i.e. instance size, amount of fleet instances, etc). 4.3.2 moves a specify query we do a lot to redis to speed things up, but it also means the redis needs increase a bit
I haven't had a chance to install 4.3.2 yet, but here's the infra updates we've been able to make since 4.3.1: EC2 instances (per region) 60+ -> 15 RDS writer db.r5.16xl -> db.r5.2xl RDS readers (per region) 5 db.r5.2xl -> 3 db.r5.l
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that is amazing news! thank you for sharing
What was the prior version?
heh that's a complicated question these are the versions we've run this year and the dates they were installed
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3.7.1/         17-Feb-2021 20:37    -
3.10.0/        05-Apr-2021 15:42    -
v4.0.1/        19-Jul-2021 17:19    -
v4.1.0/        29-Jul-2021 16:18    -
fleet-v4.2.4/  08-Sep-2021 16:24    -
fleet-v4.3.0/  14-Sep-2021 16:27    -
3.6.0/         20-Sep-2021 15:36    -
fleet-v4.3.1/  27-Sep-2021 16:23    -
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