Hi there! We had to renew our wildcard certificate...
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Hi there! We had to renew our wildcard certificate used by Fleet and osquery, but I'm struggling to get it to work with Fleet. The issuer changed and also we've gone from a SHA-256 cert to SHA-384 cert, I wonder if that might be a problem? I don't think so, looking at the Intermediate Mozilla cert docs (we're using
tls_compatibility: intermediate
in our Fleet settings) The error we get from osquery is:
Failed enrollment request to https://blabla (Request error: certificate verify failed) retrying...
The PEM bundle we're using works in other software, for example, we're using it in Nginx absolutely fine. Does anyone have any suggestions what we can try?
update: i managed to get this to work again by rebuilding the PEM bundle to include every cert in the chain including the root CA certificate this wasn't needed for other software so I'm not sure, maybe osquery/fleet has it's own root CA list and ours wasn't in there?
anyway I'll roll this out to all hosts and see if they all start working again
Ah, I believe that is an osquery requirement.
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yeah must be!
anyway I should've thought to put the root cert in the bundle earlier