Where would I expect to see the software inventory...
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Where would I expect to see the software inventory of each device? When I click on the host I should see it?
Software inventory should be the last component of the host details page. With the flag on, host online, try refetching on that page and let me know if it generates!
@Rachel Perkins aside from setting the environment variable on the fleet server, there is no flag or anything I need to deploy to the agents is there?
There's nothing else you need to do, just set the environment variable on your fleet server
@Rachel Perkins ok it's definitely not working then. I've even rebuilt fleet completely from scratch now version 4.1 (but i did dump and import the old fleet db)
Environment variable is defined in /etc/environment
The environment variable is definitely set, I can echo it
And when I look at any host the only list I have is a list of users (and query packs), I do not see any software at all
So I guess because it is in beta means it is not working properly yet
I would really like to get it working tho as hunting for vulnerable applications is important
@Rachel Perkins I don't really know what more I can do? I set the environment variable but fleet server is ignoring it I don't know why???