Hi There,   I am using 3.11 fleet deployed in AWS ...
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Hi There,   I am using 3.11 fleet deployed in AWS and when I updated the task parameter and updated the task, the new task gave me me below error and aborted. ts=2021-07-29T130243.909676523Z mysql="could not connect to db: Error 1040: Too many connections, sleeping 13s (for a number of time with increasing seconds) Error initializing datastore: Error 1040: Too many connections   After few failed retries, I opted for rollback and those tasks as well emit the exact messages. Any idea what could lead to this? The fleet currently has ~300 online hosts, ~2900 new hosts and ~150K offline hosts(mostly residues of a scale test script). Any idea how I could get this working back?   Also an unrelated question, does the fleet supports bulk "delete hosts" in any way?
thats an error returned by MySQL. Might indicate that there is another host running fleet server that is already using all the connections to MySQL. It might also be a good idea to check the available disk space on the host running MySQL. Running out of space would block INSERTS, causing connection count to grow as well.
Hola, you can config
to expire old offline hosts in either
or the UI. The UI to delete multiple hosts is being built as we speak!
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