Hi Fleet. I saw <this update> - "This comment out...
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Hi Fleet. I saw this update - "This comment outlines how the Fleet UI will respond to the 3 roles (admin, maintainer, observer) and the 2 plans (core, basic)." I'd just like to confirm that the team's update will only be available in basic, not core. Is that correct?
Correct, the ability to group hosts into exclusive “teams” will only be available as part of Fleet Basic. The Fleet team is calling this the Teams feature. To further clarify, the 3 roles will be available as part of both Fleet Core and Fleet Basic. To summarize, Fleet 4.0 will include the 3 roles for Fleet Core and Fleet Basic users. The release will also include the Teams feature for Fleet Basic users.
I'll add that in Fleet Basic you can give users different roles on different Teams. In Fleet Core you only get the global roles.
OK, thanks @zwass / @Noah Talerman. So we'll get the 3 built in roles with Core, which is a bit of an rbac improvement, but different teams is a paid feature. Thanks for the clarification
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