# fleet

Dan Achin

05/18/2021, 5:41 PM
Hi Fleet. I saw this update - "This comment outlines how the Fleet UI will respond to the 3 roles (admin, maintainer, observer) and the 2 plans (core, basic)." I'd just like to confirm that the team's update will only be available in basic, not core. Is that correct?

Noah Talerman

05/18/2021, 5:58 PM
Correct, the ability to group hosts into exclusive “teams” will only be available as part of Fleet Basic. The Fleet team is calling this the Teams feature. To further clarify, the 3 roles will be available as part of both Fleet Core and Fleet Basic. To summarize, Fleet 4.0 will include the 3 roles for Fleet Core and Fleet Basic users. The release will also include the Teams feature for Fleet Basic users.


05/18/2021, 7:21 PM
I'll add that in Fleet Basic you can give users different roles on different Teams. In Fleet Core you only get the global roles.

Dan Achin

05/19/2021, 8:29 PM
OK, thanks @zwass / @Noah Talerman. So we'll get the 3 built in roles with Core, which is a bit of an rbac improvement, but different teams is a paid feature. Thanks for the clarification
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