Additionally, I'm testing orbit on an ubuntu 20.04...
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Additionally, I'm testing orbit on an ubuntu 20.04 VM. I'm observing the following error. Could someone kindly direct me what the issue is here?
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ubuntu@ubuntu:~/Desktop$ sudo orbit shell
2021-05-18T04:15:06-07:00 ERR  error="download target osqueryd/linux/osqueryd: tuf: unknown target file: osqueryd/linux/osqueryd"
I think I've identified the issue and will be pushing up a fix shortly.
Was the fix part of any of the fixes in the most recent push (#793, #802)? Apologies for the potentially noob question, I'm not familiar with Go.
I fixed it in and just pushed an 0.0.3 release that includes the fix. If Orbit is running as a service it will auto-update and
sudo orbit shell
will work. Otherwise I think a
sudo orbit
would let it upgrade and then it should work.
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