I'm using Python to call Fleet's WebSocket API and...
# fleet
I'm using Python to call Fleet's WebSocket API and I'm having the following error. Does anyone have a similar problem?
Hi @demonbhao. I don’t know the exact source of your error. Please check out this example Python script for a detailed implementation that demonstrates how to use the Websockets portion of the Fleet API.
Hello, thank you for your help. I have completed the websocket interface through the documentation in the link above and input the query content into my own database However, I still had the following error in the example that was provided with the official Fleet documentation. When I ran WebSocket on the page, the results did not return properly Thanks again for your help👍
Nice! It looks like your websocket interface is successfully receiving the type
messages but not the
. So, you’re receiving the
'None Type'
error for both the linked Python script and the Fleet documentation?