Hey folks. Is there a chart that talks resources ...
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Hey folks. Is there a chart that talks resources to provide fleet server versus how many agents are reporting back?
Hi @arod. Do you mind explaining a bit more what you mean by “talks resources to provide fleet server?” I believe the answer to your question is no, there is currently no such chart. I’d like to learn more about what the ideal (most helpful) chart looks like for this resources use case.
Sure thing Something like
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Number of Osquery Agents | CPU Recommended | RAM Recommended

        100.             |        4vCPU.   |.      8GB RAM
Just trying to understand what fleet is expecting as far as food 🙂
As it gets higher, there's a lot of speculation of course. Which everyone should understand
This is something that we would like to document but haven't done much of yet. If you give some details on your (potential) deployment we can give an estimate on what might be good.
@zwass No worries. Thanks. I can provide feedback based on the different environments we see once we start deploying the builds. What are your thoughts on the following 3 use-cases 50 endpoints 100 endpoints 250 endpoints Various OSes. Fleet only having a few scheduled packs per OS. Nothing crazy.
At those scales you could have a very small instance 1vCPU/500MB RAM would do it for the Fleet server. You could probably even have the Redis and MySQL on the same machine if you want to optimize for cost and don't need failover, etc.
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