fleet carving feedback <thread>
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fleet carving feedback <thread>
when I run
fleetctl get carves
, I don't have any context on: • which host executed the query • what the query was So I can basically see... "kolide_distributed_query_19" and when the carve was returned. But I don't know which machine returned the file.
Also - when thinking about "more granular user permissions", one thing that clearly stands out is whether someone can run file carving queries... This is like a data exfil dream.
(to expand on more granular user permissions): • RBAC, with custom defined roles • be able to limit who can edit options, saml, editing labels, additional host data queries, etc. • limit who can run distributed queries, where they can run them (static list, label, etc) • limit who can run file carving queries
The feedback from fleetctl when running the query is strange. I see:
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  "host": "<hostname>",
  "rows": []
Even if files are returned... I see empty rows. It would be useful to see something like how many files were returned maybe
I'm not sure if it's not supported by fleet or if I just don't understand file carving (I haven't used it at all prior to fleet's support)
But... I can't seem to get multiple files. e.g.:
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SELECT * FROM carves WHERE path LIKE '/some/path/%' AND carve=1;
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SELECT carve(path) FROM file WHERE directory LIKE '/some/path/%' AND mode='0755' AND type='regular';
(feedback is from fleet version 3.5.0)
Hey Brendan, thanks for the feedback. Some of this is due to limitations of the carving implementation in osquery, though most of it can be addressed in Fleet (and/or osquery itself).
(no rows) for example is what osquery returns when a carve is initiated via live query, and the carve API doesn't allow us to pass any metadata through with the carve results besides for whatever is in the query name. I think what we are going to have to do is make a higher level carves concept in Fleet that will shuffle around some of the metadata on the backend and display more useful feedback to the user.
IIRC the first query you have above there (or something like it) should get all the files in the directory. I know I was able to carve multiple files when I was testing out this feature. Perhaps you need to use a subquery to expand the glob? Like
SELECT * FROM carves WHERE carve=1 AND path IN (SELECT path FROM file WHERE path LIKE '/some/path/%');
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$ cat /tmp/carve.txt
This is a super secret file
$ cat /tmp/carve2.txt
the most super secret carve file #2

Using a virtual database. Need help, type '.help'
osquery> select path from file where path LIKE "/tmp/carve%";
| path            |
| /tmp/carve.txt  |
| /tmp/carve/     |
| /tmp/carve2.txt |
| /tmp/carve3.txt |

$ fleetctl query --hosts "myhost" --query 'SELECT * FROM carves WHERE carve = 1 AND path IN (SELECT path FROM file WHERE path LIKE "/tmp/carve%";' --context default 
 100% responded (100% online) | 1/1 targeted hosts (1/1 online)

$ fleetctl get carves --context default
No carves found

$ fleetctl query --hosts "myhost" --query 'SELECT * FROM carves WHERE carve = 1 AND path = "/tmp/carve.txt";' --context default

$ fleetctl get carves --context default
| ID |          CREATED AT           |         REQUEST ID         | CARVE SIZE | COMPLETION |
|  1 | 2020-12-18 22:01:49 -0600 CST | kolide_distributed_query_8 |       2048 | 100%       |
🤷 just tried again with a few variations
I can get single files but can't seem to get multiple files
also - first time trying
fleetctl preview
... this experiences is very nice 😄
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(and when I got the new carve, it says carve size is 2048, but the file is only 28 bytes, which is interesting? 🤷 edit: seems that's just tar overhead nvm