also, I'm aware of the /metrics page and I read so...
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also, I'm aware of the /metrics page and I read somewhere that it is 'suitable for prometheus ingestion' but I can't find that page any more. Does anyone know where the /metrics endpoint is documented?
It’s accessible at
on the same port as the Fleet UI/API
yes, exactly. I can browse it just fine. I just recall reading that the output was suitable for prometheus ingestion and I was wondering where i found that as I assume that wherever that is might have some additional context into these metrics. 🙂
You may have found that information here in the docs: However, the docs provide no more information than you’ve already mentioned.
Working on compiling more context for the /metrics endpoint in a PR to the docs.
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ah, yes. I knew I saw it somewhere. thanks. That would be great if you can document more details.
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