Hi, today we realized that using UUID as a host_id...
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Hi, today we realized that using UUID as a host_identifier does not work for us as we are used to clone VMs in our environment. For the same reason, Instance ID is not an alternative, as the osquery installation is cloned as well. So, I'm looking into using the hostname as an identifier. I'm not sure I get the docs correctly. Are the host identifier related settings on osquery and fleet independent of each other? I just changed the fleet server configuration to FLEET_OSQUERY_HOST_IDENTIFIER = 'hostname' . Is this sufficient and I just have to wait, I do I have to enroll the Agents with duplicated UUIDs or tell the Agents to also use hostname as an identifier? Any help appreciated. Thanks.
You should make sure that the osquery DB is not initialized before cloning the VMs. That way
will work.
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