we decided to install the FLEET server with its GU...
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we decided to install the FLEET server with its GUI, on a virtual machine and from which about 100 endpoints will be managed. I would like to know what virtual machine requirements are required: VCPU NO: RAM: OS Disk Space: Disk Space: OS: we would intend to do the whole thing with docker and the fleet server will connect to an external mysql db and not on the same vm, can you tell me the minimum/ideal requirements?
We manage ~ 800 endpoints with fleet running as a docker container. All fleet dependencies run on the same docker host in our environment. We have and it runs fine, i.e. good performance & not much wasted resources VCPU NO: 2 RAM: 4 GB Disk Space: 60 GB (including OS) OS: Ubuntu LTS
4GB of RAM is a minimum for running the vulnerability detection, otherwise for 100 endpoints you could probably use the smallest VM offered by your provider.
@Ibra We have reference architectures available with different breakpoints that should be helpful here, just keep in mind that the 2GB of RAM bumps up to 4GB for vulnerability detection. (as @zwass mentioned)