:wave: Hi everyone! How can i integrate clients i...
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👋 Hi everyone! How can i integrate clients in security onion using fleetDM. i am trying to install fleet-osquery_0.0.13_amd64.deb in ubuntu but it is not install i am install the dependency requirement (orbit package) also but still same issue. Please find attached jpeg file and help me.
Hi, @Kiran Kalelkar! I took a look at the Security Onion documentation and it looks like you should be able to download a custom osquery package.
Is that what you're working on installing?
@defensivedepth is a great resource for anything Security Onion related 🙂
Yep that is true! 🙂
@Kiran Kalelkar Please use the osquery package that can be downloaded from the Security Onion Console --> Downloads. https://docs.securityonion.net/en/2.3/osquery.html#agents-deployment
That package will be built for your specific Security Onion Grid
If you run into any other issues, feel free to post it under the Security Onion community discussions: securityonion.net/discuss
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