abraham linkolan

07/13/2021, 1:39 PM
Hey, We are trying to run a query on a computer from the api and we use this path:
"osquery api api/v1/kolide/queries/run_by_names
We putting the parameters as we supposed to (including the target) but we get an error -
run query : no hosts targeted
It happens once in a while - not every time, although we put the same parameters each time. We don't know why it happens, if someone had this problem before or know something about it i will be more than happy to know.


07/13/2021, 1:45 PM
This looks like a question about Fleet? Kolide Fleet is retired. (see the notice at It has been picked up by others. See #fleet

abraham linkolan

07/14/2021, 6:45 AM
yeah but in my company we still use kolide