I’m trying to build a msi package with kolide/laun...
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I’m trying to build a msi package with kolide/launcher package builder without notary and I’ve some doubts about this process. When I try to install the msi on a clean windows machine it doesn’t install osquery, I’ve to do it manually. Is it normal or I’m doing something wrong? Is it possible to install osquery with the same msi?
Package builder should generate msi with both. What command line are you running? (Feel free to redact host and secret
This on mac os:
./package-builder make \
--hostname=fleet:8080 \
--enroll_secret=my_secret \
--root_pem=fleet.pem \
This on Windows:
./package-builder make -hostname=fleet:8080 -enroll_secret=my_secret -root_pem=fleet.pem -wix_path="C:\Program Files (x86)\ WiX Toolset v3.11\bin" --output_dir=.
I’ve used the make command to get the binaries of the package-builder
When you say doesn't install osquery, what are you looking for?
I thought that I can install osquery and kolide launcher with the same installer that I build with this package-builder tool. Actually, if I want add a new host, I’ve to download and install osquery (from the official osquery website) and then I can use the installer of the launcher
Er, we’re talking past eachother
Launcher wraps around osquery and it includes an osquery binary in it’s program directories.
It does not install osquery to run as a daemon — that would be duplicative.
So if you make a launcher package, you’re not going to see an osquery service, nor will you see a big set of osquery directories,
But you should have an
binary next to the
Ok cool, I’ve just made it work as expected. Thank you