Regardless of the full motivation for this change ...
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Regardless of the full motivation for this change thank you very much to kolide for all the work youve done for the community benefit. I do want to say that the lack of any notice is frustrating. Looking forward to see how fleet matures under Fleetdm!
Hi Grant, I recognize the suddenness of the announcement was surprising. In reality, there isn't a good way to pre-announce retiring Fleet because the primary active contributor was going to fork it either way. That said, I get your point. The intent of today's announcement is to make it clear Kolide's position on Fleet so existing users can make the best choice possible.
But I appreciate the thank you!
Apologies from my end as well for the frustration, Grant. Thank you for bearing with us. @terracatta summed it up well. Kolide is a great company and Kolide Cloud is a great product. Pumped to be sharing the ecosystem and supporting osquery together.
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