<!here> Kolide has a big announcement that impacts...
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<!here> Kolide has a big announcement that impacts many people here. We are officially retiring Kolide Fleet and archiving the Github repository. Given this channel primarily focuses on the Fleet software, this announcement will likely be surprising to you. I encourage you to read the announcement at https://github.com/kolide/fleet to get a sense of our rationale and why we need to do this now. Several things I will add here that I didn't include in the general announcement... 1. I have created a new channel called #fleet, so the community can continue to discuss the project and coalesce around forks that get traction. I will be there answering questions as well. 2. A big reason we made the decision to retire Fleet is because zwass informed us he was going to fork it. It's not my place to share his roadmap and vision, but I am sure he is eager to share that with you. #fleet is the best place for that conversation to continue. The #kolide channel will be reserved about talking about our SaaS application, our other open source projects, and other company news. We will be making additional announcements before the end of this year that will be exciting for folks following our company. We encourage you to stick around to hear them first-hand! 3. As I stated initially, this decision is likely surprising to many of you who have invested time, effort, and energy into Fleet. It's definitely a bitter-sweet moment for us at Kolide as well. We collectively worked hard on Fleet, and love open-source, but ultimately, Fleet is a piece of software that does not reflect the direction of the company. I am confident that between future community projects and Kolide's commercial efforts, everyone will have a viable path forward. If you use Fleet to monitor end-user devices we highly encourage you to check our our SaaS application, K2. https://www.kolide.com/.
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Thank you, Jason. We are looking forward to continuing to grow Fleet! Please check out our announcement at https://medium.com/fleetdm/a-new-fleet-d4096c7de978 and take the time to upgrade to 3.3.0.
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