Has anyone found a good way to build Launcher .pkg...
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Has anyone found a good way to build Launcher .pkgs for macOS on a non-macOS system? Or is that still always done on macOS?
I recently shelved this part of the integration for Security Onion. Launcher package generation is all done locally within Security Onion, so I can only work with Linux/Docker. So for Windows & Linux, we generate a customized package for the deployment; For MacOS we just provide a stock Launcher pkg. I dumped a ton of time into trying to figure out how to get it working, and I got it kinda working, but not enough to call it stable. 😞
Do you require notarized packages?
And/or signing? Were you planning to ask users to input their signing key?
I still build on macOS.
I've seen some stuff about packaging on Linux. Groob did some experiments too. But it's never seemed worth it to me.
And I've never seen a non-macOS notarization tool. (Though it's therorwrically possible)
A common other pattern is to have a common signed package distributed next to a configuration. The installer can look for the configuration via relative path.
Not as clean as a fully baked installer though.
Signed (with the option for users to input signing key). Notary was ideal. We are planning on revisiting this probably early next year.