hey, new to fleet. anyone have a working aws deplo...
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hey, new to fleet. anyone have a working aws deployment going I could bounce some issues off of? I haven't been able to get launcher working, but native plugin works for enrollment and shipping logs, but I cant query any results back from the GUI. any ideas?
Launcher defaults to gRPC. If your proxy/LB in AWS doesn’t support gRPC it won’t work unless you specifically tell launcher to use TLS instead
yea I played with ELB/ALB both, launcher itself seems ok with
but it gets back some decoding errors from fleet
hence my move to native tls - which seems fine for the most part, I just cant query any data back that is being sent 😕
If you're referring to the live query in the web ui, you have to set up redis otherwise that won't work (fleet will log errors about not being able to connect to redis)
I have redis setup with no visible errors. Must be something else I am missing
Fleet does not support the JSONRPC protocol embedded in Launcher. It only support's Launcher in GRPC mode. Fleet also works with just standard osquery via TLS.
The JSONRPC mode is used only for the Kolide SaaS product