<@U9B9L96G1> we have narrowed down the issue with ...
# kolide
@ccoy we have narrowed down the issue with Kolide Fleet/DAG SAML interoperability to the compression being used. we’re trying to figure out what libraries in PHP can deal with the raw FLATE decompression as opposed to gzinflate which doesn’t work
Thanks for the update! Curious to hear what you come up with.
we’re also not sure if the fix should be on the PHP side or Golang side. we’re trying to determine if what kolide fleet produces is RFC 1951 compliant
okay… figured out PHP code that can inflate the output from golang’s
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$value_b64 = "from_golang";
$value = base64_decode($value_b64);
$context = inflate_init(ZLIB_ENCODING_RAW);
if (!$context) {
    echo "oh no\n";
$output = inflate_add($context, $value);
echo $output;
echo "\n";
the higher-level APIs in PHP don’t seem to like golang’s