is there a way to manually reset the password in ...
# kolide
is there a way to manually reset the password in the database?
Hey there, good question! Working on getting an answer for you.
Do you have your email address configured? There is a forgot password button, but only works if you do.
If not, don't despair. It's not currently easy to do because of the way the password is hashed and salted before it ends up in the db, but the team is looking into a solution as we speak.
Question - how problematic would it be for you to start over? Most of the answers we're coming up with are messy.
I would think that reprovisioning the database would be the way to go. You might have to distribute new enrollment secrets to your clients, however that shouldn't be hard if you did your deployment correctly.
it would not be extremely difficult to rebuild but would like to avoid if possible.
there are a lot of packs and scheduled tasks that i setup
its for an inhouse sandbox