Do you have any documentation on the cloud product...
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Do you have any documentation on the cloud product and a roadmap?
Hi @darren! Cloud will definitely expand on Fleet, in some really cool ways. He don't have any public documentation of features yet, because we're still in private beta. I noticed that you signed up, which is awesome. We are continuing to expand to more beta customers, so hopefully we can get you in soon to compare.
By the way, we love the animations on your site
haha, thanks very much 🙂 Getting access to the beta would be great! We currently have fleet set up in AWS and we are now looking at how we manage and visualise the logs so very keen to hear about/see what the cloud version will offer 🙂
i don’t suppose you have any indication as to when we may get beta access?
That is a fair question, but as of right now no. I think we're about ready to open up the next round. Can I ask roughly how many Macs/other you've got (I know you filled this out in the beta signup, but I don't have that in front of me)?
we have 100 mac and 12 windows machines
Have you guys publicly announced the feature differences between cloud and on prem?
Thanks Darren!
@stefanmaerz Not yet. Soon!
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