Hi Folks, tl;dr I am new here and I am wondering i...
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Hi Folks, tl;dr I am new here and I am wondering if the current master branch is expected to fail tests. I am currently working on adding a few tables but before doing anything, I thought I'd run unit tests on the master branch. I believe only 1% of the tests are passing. Am I doing something wrong here?
It looks like you did not build the tests. How did you run CMake?
It’s subtle but important to add the configure option mentioned in the testing section here https://osquery.readthedocs.io/en/latest/development/building/
By the way, one thing that we could do to make it more obvious maybe is to put all
directives behind the check of the tests being enabled or not. In that case then it won’t attempt to run anything because there’s no test enabled. It’s only a tad more verbose in CMake code to do.
That's a good idea. I wonder if we could hack together a warning "You are trying to run tests but you did not build with testing support."
Thanks for the quick response. Oh so I basically should use this‘cmake -G "Visual Studio 16 2019" -A x64 .. -DOSQUERY_BUILD_TESTS=ON’ to be able to run the tests. Will give this a try now!
Got a chance to run it. Was able to pass all the tests except 49 - osquery_filesystem_filesystemtests-test & 64 - plugins_config_parsers_tests_filepathstests-test I am also attaching the respective test logs.
@theopolis That’s unfortunately an annoying thing of CMake ahah. The
target is a pseudo target, meaning that you can pass it as such in the
cmake --target
command or any `ninja`/`make` command, but it’s not seen as such in CMake code. Also on Windows with msbuild that is
. One way I’ve seen it done is to create a custom target/custom command that launches
cmake --build . --target test
and then you can have any command before or after that.. the problem with that is that on Windows with msbuild, 90% of the time you cannot interrupt the tests with a Ctrl+C… and that’s rather annoying.