I've been trying to build an msi for windows with ...
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I've been trying to build an msi for windows with a pre-written config. There seem to be references to a windows provisioning file (and it's available on the readthedocs.io) but then some of the files it references are no longer there. Has the process for building a windows msi changed, and is it documented anywhere?
I think the MSI-building script needs to be updated, but in the interim there's a way to build the package using CMake, and I just opened this PR about it https://github.com/osquery/osquery/pull/5731
And https://github.com/osquery/osquery/pull/5733 is my attempt to fix the PS1 script (pending review), if Ed wants to try that
thank you @Mike Myers will give it a try later and let you know, and very speedy!
The struggle was REAL. lol.
Download the Wix Toolkit.
Create a link between C:\wix311 and where your actual Wix311 folder is. This will save you as it expects your Wix311 folder to be outside the default install location. Install "Make" too. Get all your flags in order and give it a shot. The PS1 always failed for me during certain phases of it.
What component expects the Wix311 folder to be outside the default? In my setup, I let Chocolatey install it to where it wanted to. It was just that I had to add it to the PATH system env variable.
If you know where
is failing, let me know, I am trying to fix a few things with it now and then @thor is going to open an issue to track whatever other problems people have with it.
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