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# windows
@clong @thor or anyone else who has a minute. If you would do me a quick favor and just double check that I didn't say anything stupid here, that would be greatly appreciated: https://blog.securelyinsecure.com/post/deploying-osquery-pt1/
Re “Let’s introduce another command line flag real quick, which will help us understand things a bit better. the --verbose flag will give us a more telling output on what’s happening” You may want to mention that the line
I1203 16:45:52.418210 40761 extensions.cpp:288] Could not autoload extensions: Failed reading: /etc/osquery/extensions.load
is okay and that its expected
Yeah, good call. I had planned to address those messages in a later post, but it's probably good to mention it can be ignored here too. Thanks for taking the time man!