Hi team, we are migrating our fleet server to a ne...
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Hi team, we are migrating our fleet server to a new project (GKE) with Terraform. But we counter a weird issue, the server just keep restarting. Can't find any warning/error in the log.
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level=info ts=2022-12-12T09:51:18.810646803Z component=redis mode=standalone                                                               
level=info ts=2022-12-12T09:51:18.819616955Z msg="GCP PubSub writer configured" project=awx-it-infrastructure topic=awx-fleet-osquery-statu
s add_attributes=false                                                                                                                     
level=info ts=2022-12-12T09:51:18.820644484Z msg="GCP PubSub writer configured" project=awx-it-infrastructure topic=awx-fleet-osquery-resul
t add_attributes=false                                                                                                                     
level=info ts=2022-12-12T09:51:19.500416806Z component=crons cron=vulnerabilities cron=vulnerabilities softwareinventory="not configured"  
level=info ts=2022-12-12T09:51:19.704020837Z msg="metrics endpoint disabled (http basic auth credentials not set)"                         
ts=2022-12-12T09:51:19.706150806Z transport=http address= msg=listening                                                            
ts=2022-12-12T09:51:45.503923208Z terminated="http: Server closed"
It’s possible that the fleet pod is getting killed by k8s. Can you check the pod status using
kubectl get pods …
and also the pod events using
kubectl describe pod …
@Michal Nicpon This is the info from the pod.
Are those all the events? it looks like the screen shot is cut off
How do you have your health check configured? Do you mind sharing your pod configuration?
Those are all the events. The project is currently managed by another team member, so I will check with him.