is there a way to uninstall the agent from Windows...
# fleet
is there a way to uninstall the agent from Windows via the cmd prompt?
I think you’d be able to use
at an elevated command prompt. Maybe something like:
wmic:root\cli>product get name
then find the name of fleet desktop / orbit
product where name="<product name>" call uninstall
I haven’t tried this out yet on fleet, but have used it on other apps in the past.
looking at an article that mentioned this. just checking base if there is a easy way to do it. looking for a way to uninstall via intune
I’m curious on the use case, though… are you replacing the agent in favour of using Intune for device management? If yes, are there things that you like more about intune compared to fleet?
more as a way to uninstall if needed in mass. fleet is for us to have one place to go find inventory data for all OSes, mac, linux and windows