i am running a query to get airdrop details from m...
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i am running a query to get airdrop details from mac but i am getting an error: query : SELECT * FROM unified_log where process=“sharingd” and category=“AirDrop” and message like “Start transaction to%“; error: distributed query is denylisted i see in older questions that it was resolved by updating but i already updated to latest fleet and still facing issues
That error means that your query is running too long/using too many resources for your osquery config. If you aren't worried about OSquery running using a bunch of resources you can set
to disable limits
or better yet restrict the scope of the query a bit
For any macOS device that has been used for longer than a few days, you can’t query the unified log via OSQuery with the default watchdog settings - there’s simply too many log entries to process within the limits. If disabling the limits is an option, you could do that (see Keith’s post above). Otherwise, all
queries should have the
greater-than-equal constraint specified to bound the search, e.g.
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SELECT * FROM unified_log where process="sharingd" and category="AirDrop" and message like "Start transaction to%" and timestamp >= (SELECT unix_time-3600 FROM time);
to get the relevant log entries from the past hour (3600 seconds). Note that I think there’s a memory leak with the
table, so even if your query succeeds, a subsequent query might get denylisted (as the watchdog doesn’t expect leaks after query execution). I’d do some testing first if you want to roll out a scheduled