Could someone review the PR at <
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Could someone review the PR at I tried addressing the remaining cmakelist comments I'm not a cmake expert some I'm not 100% sure if there is a better way? Also the actual table code is ready for review to if someone has time thanks
Just bumping this again The existing comments should be addressed It would be great I think to get this added into before the 5.0 release since it makes small changes to the Linux elf tables And it adds a bit of other useful stuff If it that is not possible to merge/review/feedback before 5.0 that's fine to Thanks
I can help out later, my priority is reviewing the work needed to land the filesystem/home change for macos and Linux and the shipping an osquery bundle on macos. When this work is in a good place for 5.0 then I can jump into the LIEF reviews.
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just curious if its possible if anyone can review the LIEF PR at I think it would be cool to get this included in the 5.0 release but if thats not possible or it would take too long thats fine thanks