it would be nice if these strings (records in this...
# core
it would be nice if these strings (records in this case) things could immediately be passed to the logging subsystem. kind of like but not specific to tls.
Didn’t know you could do this, I’ll look into it. Would this become something that you toggle on and off or something that is always enabled (removing the table)?
i would love to just be able to configure a subscription to an event publisher via options and get a stream of logs to the logger plugin
maybe as a new event type
the best you can do now is
select *
the table with
removed: false
but that still has to go through the interval of the scheduler, diff logic after getting the results out of rocksdb, etc
rocksdb should still be involved for the durability of process restarts, network failure, etc but i think a lot of the rest of it can be peeled back and added to the logging subsystem directly in a plugin agnostic way
uhm so each log line would be a complete row?
either a
or a
That would be cool, and would probably speed up a lot of simple tables
yeah, i think it would work well for higher throughput event publishers
probably a micro-optimization for something like
but for audit or ebpf, it seems like it would be a fair bit more efficient to marry these two systems together