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@mbmy Replying to https://osquery.slack.com/archives/C1XCLA5DZ/p1551848065084200?thread_ts=1551802825.069200&amp;cid=C1XCLA5DZ (let’s make a new thread) That does not sound like a package-builder error. You got a package, it has a service. And it started. So, that’s pretty sweet. Gotta look at the launcher logs. It might have logged something to event-log, though it won’t be running in debug mode. You can also start launcher in a debug mode, pointing at the same flag file the service is using, and see what it spits out
First, yes! I was able to build successfully after installing Wix and manually adding the Wix binaries to C:\wix311\. Awesome work!
I checked the eventlog last night and found where the service is marked as registered, followed by the service timing out in responding to the system. I can get the exact events tonight and will look for any other details.
But all it took was a service restart to get it to check-in. I was wondering if it pertained to setting the auto-update flag but I haven't tested on other machines with different flags (yet)
No clue 🙂
Auto-update enables the auto-update functionality. Which oughtn’t do anything if nothing updates. (and I haven’t pushed an update there)
You could turn up debug logs, and/or run launcher in the foreground for more debugging (see the doc in a PR I linked earlier today)
I’m just installing some windows machines now, so we’ll see what I get
There’s a filenaming bug in autoupdate. It will probably cause an error loop. (In launcher-for-windows, not package-builder). Until it’s fixed, you’ll need to run without autoupdater