Hello everyone, is it possible to manipulate the d...
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Hello everyone, is it possible to manipulate the data sent from a Fleetclient to the central Fleetserver? Or is the integrity of the data guaranteed and if so how?
Hi Adrian, I'm a beginner myself, but as far as I understand it, data from osquery (the "Fleetclient") to the FleetDM server is encrypted using TSL certificates, so the parties speak HTTPS amongst each other. Also, if there was a way to manipulate the data during transfer, that would kinda defeat the whole point of FleetDM.
You understand correctly, @Jörg Sachse 🙂 By default, traffic to and from Fleet is encrypted with TLS. As long as you haven't bypassed that in some way, you're good to go. https://fleetdm.com/docs/using-fleet/application-security#sensitive-data-exposure-encryption-in-transit-at-rest-improperly-implemented-ap-is
Thank you very much!